Car mechanic explaining service recommendations to a customer
Working as an Engine Mechanic Can be a Pretty Great Career
The Pay is Good and the Initial Training is Pretty Short
You Can Specialize in Auto, Diesel, Motorcycle or Aviation
Many Big Cities Have a School That Can Get You Started

Job Training

Do you have an interest in becoming a mechanic?

Car mechanic supervisor with two studentsA good mechanic training school can provide you with the skills necessary to get a great starting job as a car, truck, airplane, motorcycle, boat mechanic or as an auto body repair specialist.

If you’re good with your hands and you like taking big things apart and then putting them back together again, you should be able to find a technical training program to prepare you for a new and rewarding career.

Where Will I Train?
While not every town has someplace you can study to be a mechanic, you can find a training school in most larger cities.

Besides automobile and diesel truck service technician programs, you may find a few institutions that offer a series of classes in either marine, aviation or motorcycle repair or maybe even a complete degree program.

These schools offer hands-on classrooms and the programs provide in-depth training without all of the unnecessary general education courses that a typical university would require.

What Kind of Programs are There?
Every mechanic has his toolsYou will typically earn a certificate of completion or a diploma. A few schools will offer an associate’s degree. And you earn these degrees in as short a time as possible.

These training programs are designed to provide you with knowledge you need to get your initial job in today’s job market. Many automotive technology and diesel and heavy vehicle repair programs are NATEF and ASE certified.

Can’t find a good school in your area? You may be able to study auto and engine repair online.

So let’s get started.

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